C# and .NET Core for Beginners

Learn C# from scratch with Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core 2

An accelerated course in C# and .NET Core

Welcome to this course about C# and .NET Core. It doesn't require any prior knowledge in programming as I will guide you through every step you need to become productive in the C# language. My ambition with this course is to firmly ground all theory in code that you and I write in the editor together.

As we'll pick up new skills along the way - we will keep adding code to our hangman game - an application that we will write from start to finish throughout this course.

Pontus Wittenmark
Pontus Wittenmark
Microsoft Certified Trainer

About the instructor

Hi there!

I started working as a programmer in the late 90’s and have been teaching .NET courses for over a decade now.

I have taught literally thousands of people in hundreds of .NET related class room training courses.

Glad to make your acquaintance!


What's included?

27 Videos
16 Quizzes
4.5 hours of video
Expect A LOT more time coding along and doing the excercises

How to take this course

Well, first thing - everything  that I do in Visual Studio - you do as well.
But then I want you to do more still..

Pause frequently and explore everything you might be thinking about - play around and experiment with the code - be creative with it and see what makes it tick!